We take safety seriously using a three pronged approach.

Individual Responsibility

Safety starts with each of us. Which is why we reward individuals for keeping themselves and others safe. We encourage everyone to participate fully in the safety of each project.

Team Work

 We view safety as not just an individual mandate but a team mandate as well. To encourage each team to keep an eye out for eachother we provide group safety incentives, to each team that has a clean safety record, each quarter.

Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is key to keeping everyone safe. That is why we have safety meetings every week to discuss future activities and double check our safety plan for those activities.

100% Safety Commitment

Our Formal Policy

It is the policy of MERIDIAN that every employee is entitled to a safe and healthy workplace. To fulfill this commitment, MERIDIAN has developed and implemented a management system that defines safety and health requirements for procedures during all phases of operation. MERIDIAN continuously works towards ensuring our operations are conducted and maintained in accordance with safety and health regulatory requirements. Every manager and/or supervisor has the responsibility to provide a safe and healthy environment

(1) with proper equipment;

(2) to provide adequate training to ensure that every employee is prepared to work safely;

(3) to require compliance with established policies and procedures and applicable governmental health and safety rules and regulations as a condition of employment;

(4) to implement and follow operating practices that will safeguard all employees and result in safe working conditions and efficient company operation.

MERIDIAN expects a similar commitment from all employees. Each employee is expected to perform the assigned job in a professional, workmanlike manner and in accordance with all health and safety regulations. Accidents resulting in injuries or property damage and fires or security losses, can be eliminated or controlled through good management in combination with active employee involvement. We trust that you will join us in a personal and sincere commitment to accident prevention at MERIDIAN.