Meridian Technology

MERIDIAN utilizes state of the art technology in the form of HCSS estimating software, Viewpoint accounting software, AGTEK digitizing software, Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and robotic survey equipment.

We utilize Heavy Bid HCSS estimating software. This software program allows us to manage the entire life cycle of a project, from bidding invitations to contract awards.

Viewpoint accounting software integrates applications for Project Management, Job Cost, Equipment Management, Materials Management, Accounting and HR – all built on Microsoft.Net Framework using the SQL Server.

AGTEK digitizing earthwork software provides closed loop solutions for estimating bulk earthwork and takeoff, paving, and pipe quantities. MERIDIAN uses AGTEK Earthwork 3D and Highway Section software to accurately quantify earthwork and building materials prior to submitting its bid. Earthwork 3D is also used on the project site to monitor progress, verify topography, set grades, and control machines.

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) is a satellite navigation system that provides location and time information in all weather, anywhere on earth. This technology assists our Project Manager and Project Supervisors in pin-pointing isolated survey sites, rolling farmland to inner city utility tasks.

Robotic Survey Equipment enables surveyors to remotely see and measure through a live video feed from an instrument on their data controller. By integrating survey data with the live video, surveyors can verify their work and ensure that they have captured everything before leaving the job.